I lost my beans, the lice were faster than me. Lesson leanrt: next year I have to build a construction with 3 poles, that is why they are called pole beans. Why do I learn gardening only while doing things, making experiences despite the knowledge in my head?

So the radical cure for the beans: cut all down except a small part where there still are beans and flowers and try to kill the remaining few lices with black tea and hope that cure will help.

But now I have 4 buckets worked over and buried the chopped green bean stuff under as well as the unholy broccoli that did not really grow, so that all will become compost.

ready to receive onion and garlic and the chard for the winter as well as cornsalad

the best finding was the beautiful black crumbling soil I found from last years compost in my buckets. great mother nature 🙂