Since winter is not really made for my urban farming, I will use the time to share some of my recipes with you 🙂

and since we have halloween and it is the time of the pumpkin I introduce my pumpkinseedbutter to you.

recipe by rule of thumb:

  • 1-2 hand full of pumpkin seeds, roast in a pan (it makes funny noises) and let cool before grinding it in a cutter to a kind of flour.
  • 100 gr butter let become soft and mix it with
  • 80 gr curd cheese (or cream cheese) and squeeze
  • 1-2 garlic clove  into it.
  • add salt, pepper and some chili powder if you like and 1 pinch curry powder
  • add 1-2 spoons, a good shot pumpkin seed oil and mix all well
  • and of course add the pumpkin seed flour as well.
  • put all in a nice bowl, cover with foil and let it cool well in the fridge.

goes very well with potatoes, vegies and of course to lamb or other grilled meat.

I will serve it Satuarday with a nice Roastbeef 🙂

en Guete