that is how they look like

and that’s how they are made:

recipe by rule of thumb:

  • chop to cubes as much pumpkin as fit into your forms

  • chop and add 1 onion
  • add olive oil, salt, pepper and roast all in a frying pan at strong heat for 5-10 minutes

  • at the end add some paprika and 1 pinch curry powder (so that it wont burn)
  • let the stuffing cool down in a plate

  • whisk 2-3 eggs with 1-2 dl cream, salt and pepper (depends on the size of your forms)
  • cut puff pastry and fit into the oiled or buttered forms
  • add the pumpkin stuffing and the egg-cream

cook approx 40 minutes in the stove, 150 – 180 degree celsius, let cool down before serving.

serve with a green salad of your choice.

salad dressing (2/3 oil, 1/3 or less vinegar):

  • olive oil
  • some pumpkinseed oil
  • some balsamico vinegar
  • a little honey, mustard, salt and pepper
  • 1 minced garlic clove

En Guete 🙂