But not later than the next day destiny came along and turned Lukelas life towards a different direction. Looking through her window, Lukela saw a young pretty woman in a dark red skirt under a yellow bodice walking towards her house.

»Well, a new customer«, chuckled Renaud the fox.

»We shall see.«, Lukela said, while she steped out of her door to welcome the new guest.

»My greetings to you Lukela«, the young lady said with some fear in her voice.

»All hail, whoever you are«, said Lukela with a friendly smile.

»Susana«, the girl answered shyly.

Lukela shook her head disapprovingly while her curls danced in the wind and said somewhat frosty: »Susana, you are a beautiful young woman and should not ask for what you are wanting me to do.«

A little scared Susana looked at the witch.

»But… in town they said you are a well meaning witch and that all your magic has always worked so well.«

»And that is what makes you ask a love potion from me?«

Susana nodded avidly.

»Love is a power of heaven and no one can order that by a magic spell.«

Disappointment could be read in Susanas face.

»Kek.«, master reynard the fox said disapprovingly.

»And you keep quiet.«, Lukela  advised her old friend while Susana stepped back in fear.

»He is not going to hur you, don’t you worry.«



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