Coming back from the woods, Renaud saw Lukela sitting on the table, all ingredients fort he love potion in front of her. So he laid the rosebuds and the faithfulblues on the table, right next to two dark hairs. A straight one that was Susanas and a curled one from Lukela. What the clever fox noticed with another »Kek«.


The potion brewed the half night and when morning dawned there was only one thing to do, one oft he two hairs had to end up in the cauldron to finish the potion. It was the anchor of desire. Lukela struggled with her conscience.

»Kek. What about real magic instead of witchcraft?«, asked master reynard the fox and Lukela heard the ancient wisdom that talked.

»If you think…«, but doubt swung in her words.

Yet soon she got up and begun after old magic tradition to call the elements: »Raise, you ghosts of the north, the south, the west and the east. Fly by through the airs of the world of the spirit, feel out Justinians soul. Which heart shall be his? Love arouse and blown in this potion, of what heart the rightful is.«

It was only a short while before the door and the windows opened by a storm. Four winds entered stormily the small house of the witch and let the two dark hairs fly through the morning light that streamed into the chamber.

»Once swept through the universe and again discarded another thing. Nonce added, never lived in vain. Eternally and never, into the potion spin the hair. But one only and none other!«, Lukela summoned into the stormy maelstrom that towered up around her copper cauldron.

Only a few moments later the twisting winds slowed down, the four winds, the ghosts of the elements bowed towards Lukela, caressing her curled hair and the red fox fur for a tender good bye. Then they drove out of the house, leaving windows and doors closed and it was as if nothing ever happened.

When Lukela looked on the table, there was no hair to find.

»And which hair landed now in this soup?«, Lukela asked with a frown, more herself than the clever fox while she was leaning over the magic cauldron.


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