When the sun stood in ist zenith, Susana came for the love potion, that Lukela has filled in a light red flask of glass. Three talers changed the owner and blithely Susana walked away, full of hope, towards her happiness.

For a long time Lukela stood in her door and watched, with a certain doubt, the girl full of joy walking away.

The morning after the next, Lukela sat breeding dark over her morning tea that steamed in her cup, when it knocked on her door and a male voice called: »Lukela?«

She looked up, questioning her fox: »So it was my hair?«

»Lukela, open the door!«, Justinian called again.

With shaky legs she got up and opened the door.

With a dark frown he looked at her, entered her house without another word and sat down at her table, asking her with a very determined sway of his hand to sit next to him.

Lukela got very uneasy. What if the love potion had turned into the very reverse? Had she really misunderstood his gazes? What did happen in the swirl of the winds?

Without a word he put the empty flask that contained the love potion two days before in front of her.

»What on heavens earth did you think?«, Justinian asked her.

Lukela remained silent.

He leaned towards her and the red fox gnarled threatening, in order to protect his mistress.

»What hall I do with a Susana?« Justinian smiled now »you foolish young witch. What do you think a love potion could do to me? Don’t you know who you wanted to bewitch here?«

Lukela looked at him quite dumbfounded.

Justinian took her hands and looked at her affectionately: »Lukela my dear, do you want to be my companion?« and he opened his shirt, showing a big blue pentagram on his naked skin.

»You? A sorcerer?«, Lukela asked vaguely, when she recovered from her surprise.

»Since more than fivehundred years, my beauty.«, he replied with a big smile »But thanks to this potion I know now that your heart can be mine.«

»Kek«, master reynard the fox was heard while Lukela could not yet conceive the happy turn.

— End —

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