Grandmothers recipe revival 🙂


recipe by rule of thumb:

  • roast 2 onions cut in little cubes in olive oil
  • add 4-5 white mushrooms, little cubes
  • and some cubes of beacon
  • add salt, pepper, oregano and let cool in a bowl
  • while chipping a hand full of black onions and add them too
  • when cool mix it with 250 g sausage meet



  • 10 roast beef meet (ask your butcher to cut it very thin with his machine)
  • dry them with some household paper
  • spread mustard on it, then the filling and some pepper and paprika
  • roll it up and put it together with a toothpick or pin



Für die Sauce:

  • roast 2 onions and 4-6 carrots in cubes in olive oil
  • add salt, pfepper, oregano
  • and put it in a large stew pan
  • then roast the roulades in the same frying pan well on all sides
  • and add to the carrots


  • lower the heat and
  • dust the frying pan with some flour
  • and roast with some olive oil and tomato purée


  • deglaze with 2-3 dl red wine
  • add 3 dl stock and reduce
  • add a bit of sherry and lemon juice
  • a little cinnamon, oregano, paprika, 3 bay leafs, 5 juniper grains, salt and pepper


  • pour the sauce over the roulades
  • and let roast and simmer for 1 – 1.5 hours


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