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Well this winter salad stuff is something else…

first it will not grow and now I cannot keep up with harvesting 🙂 but the flowers are nice.

Now all the big green leaves end up in my mixer in

“green smoothies” – a very super healthy thing:

  • 3 dl water
  • 150 g green leaves
  • 150 g fruits (or a cucumber, vegies whatever I find)
  • mix all with the mixer until well minced
  • taste with cinnamon, honey, ginger, fresh mint, yoghurt or coconut milk, however I feel
  • and as usual I do not stick too much to the right amounts 🙂

Tastes really great and no more sign of spring time depression, just pure energy since the week I started with that.

And here the new salad and the parsley that grows like crazy 🙂

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