At 7 am the world is still okay 🙂

IMG_0497 IMG_0499

We have the hole ready for the baskets. It takes a while to “knit” them together. And since heaven shows sign of rain we need a canvas to cover the soil. It will take a while to finish this work.

IMG_0500 IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0516

Now all the stones need to be driven here to fill all the baskets. I do not want to know how many wheelbarrows full of stones it will take.

IMG_0517 IMG_0518

I am really glad my gardener likes this work of sisyphus.

On my own I would have gone under with this project, completely overstrained… besides it would have taken 6 months to come up to this point…


And since I cannot help play mole. Tomorrow new hydrangea will end up here.


By the way, here ended the red stones we have found yesterday in the soil:-) a nice third row.


And slowly night is covering our days work. And tomorrow Sisyphus has to continue it. How glad I am to have him!