For weeks now we eat vegetables from my garden. Here beetroot cubes roasted in olive oil with a zucchini-rice-burger. Very simple but very tasty.


Today was the day. Clean up in the garden. Pool zuchini, pumpkin, potatoes and cucumbers had to go. It was not a good year for cucumbers 🙁

So today I planted onions, garlic, spinach and salad into the free space 🙂

And from now on chard and the last stem turnip will end up on my plate. And from now on it is beetroot time! Very nice also with raclette cheese 🙂

IMG_1246 IMG_1250

And here the potatoe harvest. Quite nice from the few potatoes that ended up in that little spare space in spring.


the last zucchinis… next year only yellow ones, so that I can find them earlier… blind mouse that I am


and my little pumpkins, a butternut is still out there in the wild


And a pumpkin cream on a pancake. Does not look much great but was very tasty 😉


I should say this was a great garden year. Sometimes we hardly managed to eat all the vegies 🙂

And I made lots of experiences for next year.