Finally it is done!

35 fantastic illustrations for a dreamtime adventure quest of a prince, seeking Rosabelle.

Hidden symbols for life, love and change.

Look forward to dive into “Seeking Rosabell” (if you speek german or find me a translator). There is much to feel, experience and find – even in yourselves.

RB_01f_m RB_01t_m

After 13 years of work it is finally done! 2014 has to be a good year :-)

May be this one will find even a translator and an english publishing house?

The enternal work :-) but as we can see are no work times not lost times.

All the experience in digital painting and editing was required in order to complete this work. 10 years ago I would not have been able to do it.

Time is a great master to get things in place. Even more so for this fantastic fairy tale book “Seeking Rosabelle” / original title “Die Suche nach Rosenschön”

Now the story needs some last fine tuning and then I have to figure out the right form for publishing it. Then this fairy tale book with 35 fantastic illustrations can be bought soon, probably directly here from me :-)