once upon a time there were beautiful green apples


and there was a little girl that loved green apples really a lot

she had a very good friend and they spent a lot of time together playing but also making fun, also of each other

IMG_1103 IMG_1074

but one day – the rain came – and the temptation or the curse of the green apple struck

IMG_1233 IMG_1151 IMG_1243

so suddenly GUILT came into action

and she remained with the other girl until she was released!

IMG_1281  IMG_1248  IMG_1244

Thanks to this wonderful cast that made my poetic little tale come to life!

GUILT: Patricia Sluka
Leandra grown up: Helen Hagmüller
Leandra child: Nouara Arris
Pia child: Lara Tokay
extras: Stéphanie Klein, Alina Sara Hediger, Nora Hunziker, Daniel P. Rudin

IMG_1320 IMG_1319 IMG_1342

two tired but happy filmmakers say thanks to all cast and crew!


producer & co-director: Remo Pini

script writer, director & production designer: Carolyn Pini

DoP & camera: Frank Glencairn, Daniel P. Rudin, Marco Muccio, Nora Hunziker

Makeup: Quirin Hasler, Alina Sara Hediger

Catering: Ali Abdelhak

to be released after some festival entries latest in 2015 🙂