Special thanks to Nora who was a great Photographer but also great help on the set! A sweatheart that is always welcome again!

We had 4 very intense shooting days in End of May 2014. Sun, wind, clouds and rain helped us in all the scenes as if the universe was to support our movie! So therefore a special thanks to the universe!

And as you can see – we also had a lot of fun, even though at times we walked through the valley of despair (as we do in all projects several times).

Reverberations made its title all honour since the groove of the movie at times really had some impact on our mood. Here a great thanks to our actresses that let themselves so much into the story that they lived through all that I have written and more.

We think we managed to make a little movie that should become a small pearl in the vast ocean of all existing movies.

Now lean back and enjoy the collage movie of the making of photos.

The real movie needs to be cut, coloured, music – some entries on some festivals – and then you shall see it here 🙂

[vimeo clip_id=97368831]

Making of Photos by: Nora Hunziker