Yesterday we shot another short movie 🙂 based on a story by Carolyn

IMG_6038k IMG_6039k  IMG_6096k IMG_6113kIMG_6099k IMG_6109k  IMG_6118k IMG_6121k IMG_6125k IMG_6128k IMG_6129k IMG_6130k IMG_6134k IMG_6136k IMG_6137k IMG_6138k IMG_6139k IMG_6143k IMG_6144k IMG_6182kIMG_6044kIMG_6053kIMG_6084kIMG_6162k IMG_6181k  IMG_6221k IMG_6270kIMG_6269k

producer: Remo Pini

director: Carolyn Pini

Dop/camera/light: Stephan Huwyler

actors: Diane Delacroix, Klemens Trenkle

Sound: Dominik Di Rosa

Makeup: Alina Sara Hediger

thanks to all of you, for making this short movie with us – all in multiple roles to make it happen. Was great fun working with you.

love filmmaking

Carolyn & Remo