»Forget it!«, Lukela called, watching her tame fox Renaud while trying to get one of her dark curls out of her face, then she turned and stired in the simmering cauldron.

»Kek, kek. You want him. I saw it in your eyes.«,  he said, the faithful red companion of hers.

»But never again I shall weave another love spell. You know exactly what happened then…«

Renaud grimaced at her: »Kek.«

The two turned away from each other. Yet, like in the hundertandfifty years before, their disagreement did not last for very long. Even before Lukela finished her magic potion for successful harvesting in her copper cauldron over the glowing fire, Renaud prowled around her bluegreen skirt and snuffled with respect the scent of the finished brewage.

»There are still rosebuds and I can look for faithfulblues«, master reynard the fox tried it again.

With a sigh Lukela bent over to her dear animal companion, tickled over his chin and shook her head disapprovingly, what made her long curls dance happily around her head.

»Of course Justinian would be an ideal mate for me. But who wants a witch for wife? Even if his eyes were after me on martins day on the market, between all the geese…, that was only the usual male curiosity…«


»If he wanted me, he would have found his way up to our house long before. I would be crazy to bewitch him. As much as for the free will we have been given.«


Softly she caressed her faithfull fox: »You know, don’t you, who loves for real also can resign. Real love cannot be achieved by magic. That was the mistake so many years earlier. If I had not bewitched Camerian with a love potion, he would not have died in the fire that burnt down our house.«

»Kek. That happened more than fifty years ago. You should forgive yourself by now. And besides, Camerian was old and weak, else he would have made it out of the house. And humans have to die anyway. Who knows what plight he was spared. And by the way, I did not really thought you too attractive as an old woman. Kek.«

»You are really something else.«, Lukela smiled »Yet I liked myself with my white hair and my hips run to fat, nice and round and cosy.«

»Yet you did not like it so much to keep it, when we left Bietenberg.«

Lukela laughed: »You clever fox.«

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