»A love potion will cost you three talers. But be aware, no potion can conjure love where there is no love before. No fruit can grow where no seed hides.«

Susana looked somewhat dumbfounded at her and Lukela asked herself if the young woman got the sense of what she tried to say. But Susana did not want to understand nor to know. She only cared for the magic potion.

So Lukela asked her with a sigh: »And who do you want to win for your love?«

»His name is Justinian«, whispered Susana.

Icecold showers run over Lukelas back into her heart.

»Kek«, she heard her clever fox and with that also his thoughts  »Ha. As much as for the destiny of a man! If not you, then there is another one to bewitch him. Kek.«

Susana looked at Lukela with begging eyes, while the witch struggled with herself and for words. Should she really brew that potion of love, that she did not want to use for herself, now for another woman? Was it the right thing to let this man to this woman in front of her? And for which of the two would he decide, if he was asked? If ever? Oh well, so let have destiny its will, Lukela thought full of defiance and stamped angry with her right foot, so that Susana twitched nervously. The fox noticed it with a quiet »Kek«.

» Well then, if that is what you really want, then you shall have your potion of love. For three talers.« called Lukela her price again for her service.

»All that you want. Tomorrow you shall have your talers.«, Susana replied with so much hope now in her frightened little heart.

»Well then, so let me have one of your hair.«, Lukela demanded and plucked one of the long straight black hairs from Susanas head, while the later exclaimed a silent cry.

»Kek.«, said Renaud and run into the fores to find rosebuds and faithfulblues.


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