• 2 weeks of planning for the shooting and the recipes
  • 2 very long days cooking with children
  • 2 weeks design of the book and the illustrations
  • 2 weeks writing the bee stories, text and recipes
  • 2 weeks printing

it is finally done: das süsse Honig-Kochbuch.


Sold in German in the online-shop of the Bee-Family

  • 12 simple but great recipes with honey
  • 12 short stories told by Ambrosina, the queen of bees
  • with sweet photographs of the dishes and the children’s cooking fun

IMG_0587k IMG_0312k

It was a great pleasure to cook and photograph the kids and the final dishes.

And while writing the short stories about the bees, I learned so much more about these small fantastic creatures! I am really a bigger fan of them than ever. If one knows how much it takes to make honey, it makes one much more sensible for this great product.

But also the illustrations, the design of the book have been a good challenge for me, but I think I succeeded quite well.

Many thanks to Elena Pini, my graphic design consultant and to Christine Hinnen editorial 🙂

And of course a great THANK YOU to the whole Bee-Family with all the kids, decorations, recipe ideas and a great deal of cooing helped a lot to make it such a nice book.

Have fun cooking (if you can read German)