A mini greenhouse (old mushroom box) for radish 🙂 that would work on every window outdoor.

and more for salad – works pretty well under such a plastic hard top. I found an old acrylic piece that covers greatly the spinach and salad I put in last autumn. From now on there is again fresh green stuff to cook with.

IMG_1855 IMG_1856

IMG_1860 IMG_1859

new experiments this year are carrots in pots and the strawberry tree.

IMG_1862 IMG_1861

vertical gardening experiments are coming this year. we shall see how it works. probably the pots for the strawberries will dry out if I am not watering every day 🙁 but the water runs nicely down from top to bottom 🙂 so easy watering


IMG_1864 IMG_1865

and then the ground is prepared – in April and May all the veggies go in here 🙂

happy urban farmers year I wish to all of us!